An Unauthorized Autobiography

By Allan E Paull

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İMarch 1, 2006

Since I’m not one who has long talks with his grandchildren, I’m recording here some of my personal history and thoughts for them to read when they get older.   Any other interested party who stumbles upon this site may read it if he or she so chooses.  To some it may seem to be a bit of narcissistic navel gazing on my part.  It is.

Table of Contents

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     1.   Introduction

     2.   The Early Years up to WWII. Regina and Winnipeg. 1918-1939.  

     3a  World War II, in Canada 1939-1941.

     3b  World War II,  Overseas  1942-1945.

     4.   After the war: Ph.D. at U.N.C.  Bachelor life in Winnipeg.1946-1950

     5.   Toronto, Abitibi, Marriage, Family, Homeowner. 1951-1961

     6.   Wisconsin U.S.A., Kimberly-Clark, 1961-1965.

7.   Back to Academia -- The University of Toronto. 1965-1988

8.   Recreation

9.   Retirement    

10.  Getting Old