Allan E. Paull

Professor Emeritus

Operations Research and Statistics


Degrees  PhD, University of North Carolina

            BA,  University of Manitoba






Positions Held




1988-Present             Professor Emeritus

Rotman School of Management

University of Toronto


1965-1988                Professor

Faculty of Management, University of Toronto


1971-1978                Professor

Institute of Applied Statistics, University of Toronto

(Joint with Faculty of Management)


1965-1971                Professor

Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto

(Joint with Faculty of Management)




1961-1965                Director of Operations Research, Consumer Marketing

Consumer Research Department

Kimberly-Clark Corp., Neenah, Wisconsin, USA.


1950-1961                Manager, Department of Statistical Research

Abitibi Power and Paper Co., Ltd., Toronto, Ontario.


1940-1950                Research Statistician, National Research Council

Grain Research Laboratory,

Board of Grain Commissioners, Winnipeg

(Interrupted by overseas war service.)


1941-1945                Radar Officer, Flight Lieutenant RCAF

Royal Canadian Air Force, attached to RAF overseas





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